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"Since I was a boy growing up in Germany, I was interested in the outdoors and sports, and I could be found in the little creek behind the house chasing sculpins and turning over rocks to look for insects, or somewhere in the woods riding my mountainbike. After getting my first fishing rod, an orange 7 foot fiberglass Shakespeare, I was hooked. After a few years of conventional fishing, I met an old fisherman with a strange fishing rod and was introduced to flyfishing and shortly after to flytying. And I rarely fished anything else since then.  After spending a few years working in a fly shop, I'm ready to pass on my passion for flyfishing and the outdoors."


"I grew up fishing on the east coast of the U.S., and picked up flyfishing when I moved to Los Angeles at age 19. I worked long hours in the film business, and the closest good trout water was the Owens River in Bishop, 5 hours away, so I spent a good deal of time flyfishing the surf for halibut, surf perch, and leopard sharks in between trout trips. In 2005, my wife and I moved to Switzerland. The daunting regulations and the demands of family life made fishing difficult at first, but after a few years I met the right people, and I started to be able to appreciate the unique and vibrant fishery we have here in Switzerland. In the meantime, I've become the first and only native English speaking SaNa Instructor in Switzerland and  I completed Orvis Guide School in Yellowstone Park, Montana, and my main goal is to make sure that no one who loves fly fishing is prevented from doing so because they feel intimidated by the amount of rules or the language barrier." 





SaNa Courses


The successful completion of a SANA course is required in order to purchase long term fishing licenses in Switzerland.

As the first provider of English language SANA courses in Switzerland, we’ll get you up to speed on what you need to know in order to get out on the water. The course lasts around 6 hours with a few small breaks, and at the end you’ll take the written test. If all goes well, you’ll get your SANA card a few weeks later. It’s valid for life in all of Switzerland.


Fly Tying Classes


Catching a fish on the fly is pretty great. Catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself is even better.

Learn how to occupy yourself during the off season with our comprehensive introduction to fly tying course. With 10 hours of instruction spread across 4 days, and all required tools and materials provided at no extra cost, you'll build the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment. We'll provide everything you need, and we have a fleet of quality, US made rotary vises for our students to use. 

Once you're eager to learn more, sign up for one of our specialized fly tying courses.


We take groups to unforgettable destinations both in and outside Switzerland.  During the year we plan a wide variety of courses geared to a variety of fly fishermen and women of varying skill and fitness levels. Be it strenuous hikes into the alps for the promise of eager, wild brook trout, casting dries to rising grayling in the dead of winter in Austria, or throwing streamers in the hopes of hooking a lunker lake trout in a lake atop an alpine pass, we've got you covered.

Rod Building Courses

Always wanted to learn how to build your own rod but a bit intimidated by the details? We've partnered with Swift Flyfishing to provide you with their groundbreaking Epic rod building kits. We'll provide verything you need, in a wide variety of blanks and colors. We'll walk you through all the steps and provide the support you need to complete your own one of a kind Epic fiberglass rod.

And much more....

We've always got something new cooking, and we're happy to customize an experience to meet your needs. A personalized tying class for a group of friends, a intensive fly fishing course designed to get children into the sport,  or an overnight in one of our famous Swiss Alpine huts with a little fishing thrown in, we'll make it happen.

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We do it because we love it, plain and simple. We want to promote responsible and sustainable fly fishing in some of the beautiful places on earth, and do our part to ensure flyfishing has a healthy and active future in Switzerland.



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